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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Follow Up

Within the week after we returned from Las Vegas I opened a letter from the renal clinic and our nurse saying that they wanted him down in Palo Alto on February 12th for the VCUG reflux study. We had been expecting that but the more I think about it, the more I feel uncomfortable with it. I don't think that my uneasy feelings about it weigh very much to the other people involved in his care, including Chris. I would like to believe that they wouldn't do anything to him that wasn't absolutely necessary so we will probably do this study. The study included catheritizing him, or placing some sort of tube up his penis. That is what makes me so uncomfortable. He already has a problem with his "plumbing" and urinary tract infections, I would think that pushing something up someplace that should only have things going out could pose problems in the future. I worry that it will push up all those bugs and other germs that are not meant to enter. But, really, what do I know?

The other part of the letter from the clinic was indicating when our follow up biopsy would take place: February 27th. At some point we were told we would need one and that it would probably take place 6 weeks after the original biopsy. This time it appears that it will be an outpatient thing instead of inpatient would mean that we would not be admitted to the hospital at all. I'm going to stay positive that the biopsy and VCUG will be complication-free so that we can just go back to our life as quickly as possible.

At first I was a little upset by this. Part of me feels like the doctors are taking advantage of the fact that we allowed the biopsy at all, but I recognize that as most likely being an irrational thought and not at all the doctor's intentions. Another part of me feels a little irritated that they are scheduling this two things in February and so close together since it will require Chris taking off more work. I'm sure that I could go down and handle it myself along with another adult to help with Sage but I know that Chris wants to be there too. I feel like it's a little inconsiderate of our family as a whole but at the same time, Joaquin is their concern, not us. So I guess I understand.

I am mostly okay with all of this. I wish we didn't have to go through it again but it wasn't as horrible as I had anticipated it to be. I'm hoping and praying that both procedures and quick, virtually pain-free, and complication-free so that we can return to our normal lives as quickly as possible.

Joaquin has been doing remarkable since the biopsy. It was like a blip on his radar. He recovered so quickly and has been doing so well since. Growing like a weed, eating like a horse, and chattering like little people tend to do. He can count to ten alone and today we counted to thirty together. He can count to five in Spanish and to three in French. He's recognizing his numbers better every day. He's saying the funniest and sweetest things.


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