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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The View From The Hospital

I was finally able to upload some pictures although blogger is not making it easy for me. These are from our time in Palo Alto at the children's hospital.

This is the boys playing in a playhouse on one of the decks.

Friday was the first full day in the hospital. They placed the IV on Thursday night when we were admitted and so all day Friday he had to wheel around with him. He was hooked up to the IV because he needed to be NPO (meaning nothing by mouth) for at least 12 hours before the biopsy.

Another one of the boys playing. They do have lots of fun stuff for little guys to play with there.

Joaquin was NPO for about 16 hours after the biopsy. He was grumpy and starving after his procedure and finally he was allowed a popsicle which he shared with little brother.

Obviously enjoying his first post-biopsy meal.

Sage and I tried to keep Joaquin occupied for the 8 hours he was supposed to be mostly immobile following his biopsy. That was hard but we got through it.

Chris talking on the phone while we spent time outside on the roof of the hospital.

Sage and Joaquin playing on the roof of the hospital. Note the wagon: we made good use out of it!

Sage checking out the train station set up on the first floor of the hospital. This was the morning we left for Reno after his last blood draw.


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Your family is gorgeous!!!

Love, love, love the smiles!!!


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