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Friday, January 09, 2009

So Far So Good

Well, I am relieved to say that the biopsy went off without a hitch. He was scheduled to go in about 3:30 p.m. but they said it could be sooner or later since they were fitting him in. Around 2:30 p.m. they came for him and it was a good thing cause he was a hungry little dude. He sat in my lap as we were wheel chaired down to the pre-operative room. Sage came with us and we all hung out waiting to see the anesthesiologist. Once she had visited with us, asked her mandatory questions, and filled out the appropriate paper work we left for the pseudo-operating room (it had an official name but I can't remember it now). Sage wasn't allowed in there and since he still has a preference for mama I was trying to take him out but before I did I needed to give Joaquin a kiss goodbye and tell him I loved him. He asked me to stay with him so I handed over Sage to Chris and stayed. I do not like seeing him go under anesthesia and so I had sort of envisioned Chris staying with him but since he asked I knew I had to stay no matter how it made me feel.

The care team was all really great and I stayed with him until they administered the drugs to make him go to sleep. His head slumped against my chest and it was time for me to go. The nurse thanked me and I slipped out into the waiting room with Sage and Chris. I cried just a little bit but it felt different this time watching him go under. I felt he was going to be okay.

The doctors had said that it would be about 30 minutes to prepare for the procedure and about 20 minutes before the actual biopsy the main doctor showed up and explained in a little more detail what would happen. After he left we sat around and said a prayer for Joaquin and his kidney. Chris decided he needed something from the hospital room so he left and Sage had fallen asleep. The doctor came out and showed me a little vial that had clear fluid in it. He showed me a couple of little pink strands in there and said that those were the pieces of his kidney. He said that Joaquin had done an excellent job and that everything had gone "perfect." He said that they were going to apply pressure to the puncture site for 5 minutes to make sure there was no bleeding but that the ultrasound had shown none along with no irritation to the vessels around the kidney. After the 5 minutes were up they would begin waking him up and then they would take him to recovery and that we could follow and wait in another waiting room. Patience is a virtue in the hospital!

Soon the door opened and we saw him being wheeled out. He was sleeping and we followed him to another part of the hospital. They said that he would wake up soon so except to be notified any time. We waited.... and waited. I began to get a little nervous since it was taking longer than I expected. The phone in the waiting area would ring whenever a patient was ready for his family. The lady at the front desk kept leaving and the phone would ring and ring. I felt it might be Joaquin because there was only one other family in the waiting room. I paced. I wanted to answer the phone so badly but I refrained. Finally we were notified he was ready for us.

More later... and pictures too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love you and have sent so many prayers for all things positive! Mom and Dad

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad the little guy was such a super star. Give us a call when you get a chance
kel and a

11:51 AM  
Blogger Holden Utah's Mama said...

Happy to hear things went smoothly.♥ Keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

7:39 PM  

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