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Monday, January 12, 2009

More Waiting

Today our day nurse came into the room and said something along the lines of us possibly being discharged. I was a little shocked since I'd been mentally preparing myself to be here until Wednesday and I'm not sure why. We were supposed to hear back more results from the biopsy today but we heard nothing. Around noon I thought the doctors were going to come into our room since they were rounding but we were skipped. Later our nurse explained that they were waiting for the blood work that had been drawn in the morning that had never been run. I still was not thinking we would be released today.

Around four, Joaquin and I went back to the hospital room. The Forever Young Zone (FYZ) is open almost every day from two to four and Joaquin has been waking up in the morning asking to go. Today he wanted to leave early because he was hungry. I thought he was a little tired too so we went back and I washed him up some grapes and he sat in his bed and snacked them. About half way through he patted his tummy and said, "That's what I needed." Not too much later the nurse came in and asked if we had spoken with his doctors today. When I replied no she said she would go and page a team member so we could know the plan. I got butteflies in my tummy again. I've been afrain that there's more bad news coming for some reason.

Close to an hour later a pediatrician came into the room. I thought she was just a floor pediatrician, not related to the renal team but Chris says that she is. I'm not sure. Anyway, she said that they were waiting for more results from the biopsy to come back and that they hadn't come back today. They would be in no later than Wednesday. What they're waiting to find out is what type of rejection is it. It could be two different kinds: 1) cellular - which they would have treated with this three day course of steriods; or 2) humoral - I don't know that I'm spelling that right but what it has to do with is the donor specific antibodies that were present in the blood test they ran earlier in December. If it is the 2nd possible thing then they would need to start the IVg (I don't know if I'm spelling that right, either) and then we would come back in a month to do another one. Today was the last day of steroids but Dr. Alexander wants to keep us around in the hospital until the test comes back.

So what that basically means is that we're just sitting here waiting. I was a teeny bit upset but then Chris put it into perspective for me that at least it wasn't "bad news" and that we were just waiting around versus something being wrong. He's right. We could hear the news tomorrow or we might have to wait until Wednesday. If it comes back as being the first we are done and out of here. The pediatric doctor or whoever she is told us she was sorry that we had to wait so long to hear of the plan and that she would talk to someone about talking to someone who could possibly speed things along in the lab.

Either way we're holding out okay. Joaquin is in good spirits although sometimes the IV bugs him because the bandaging gets too tight. He's really good about being careful with his IV too. Both the boys are getting a bit of cabin fever as we are all living out of this hospital room and the car. But there's lots to do around here and we try to get outside often.

So hopefully we will hear more tomorrow and maybe even be released but like I said, I'm mentally prepared to stay until Wednesday. Thanks for all the well-wishes, love, prayers, everything. It means a lot to us and gives us strength throughout this time.


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