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Friday, May 30, 2008

Joaquin on the news!

We got interviewed for the upcoming benefit by the local news yesterday afternoon.

Here's a link to it:

Look to the right of the page and you'll see a picture of Joaquin and Sage. Click on the "play" button and watch the video.

Joaquin was very excited to see himself on the news. He had to watch it a couple of times. The icecream cone he was eating was the reward of a bribe on my part. He didn't want to take the time to come and talk with the cameraman so I told him if he did then he's get one. It's my first time bribing him like that and look how well it worked!

It's also cute where he pulls up his sleeve and talks about Buckey poking him in the arm. That's the phlebotomist we see numerous times a month. He really likes Buckey and so when they were asking him about the doctors and the hospitals that's what he talked about. So cute. Otherwise, he was a little camera shy and wanting to show off his pedaling skills. The clip was supposed to air this morning on the news but never made it on for some reason so we've just been pointing everyone in the direction of the website. Please pass along the link and share!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upcoming Benefit

We are proud to announce another benefit in Joaquin's honor. It's being held June 8th, 2008 at the Great Basin Brewery in Sparks, Nevada. We have Sol Jibe and the Mark Sexton Band playing for us and they all seem very excited about it. Please save the date and join us!!
Other than planning for the upcoming benefit, we are also looking forward to Joaquin's 3rd birthday on the 15th of June. We plan on having his party at Idlewild Park again, near the same spot as it was before - over by the lion family. Joaquin's excited about it and talks about the people he wants to invite.
Joaquin and I had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and it was no fun. Joaquin had diarrhea and his creatinine and BUN were both a little elevated. We made sure he was getting plenty of fluids. His last lab on the 22nd of May was a good one with his creatinine, BUN, and Prograf level all being perfect. Diarrhea can be scary for a little guy like Joaquin because it can dehydrate the kidney. We could tell it was a little on the dry side since he creatinine and BUN were both up, but he maintained a good appetite. I was a little worried for a minute that we might have to hospitalize him but we were able to get lots of fluids into him.
Other than that he's been doing fabulous. He's growing like a little weed and eating like a large horse. He's singing his ABC's well and can count into the teens. He's doing well identifying his colors and animals. Little brother Sage is becoming more fun to play with as he's more interactive. We have to still remind Joaquin to be gentle with little brother. I try to warn Joaquin that little brother isn't always going to be "little" and that he better be nice to him.
If you have any questions about the benefit, we can be reached at: or you can call one of us.

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