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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had another stay in the hospital after the last one in the beginning of October. It was pneumonia again but this time it was not the crazy, scary even it was last time. Joaquin started up with a cough on Tuesday night so I decided to just make an appointment right away with his pediatrician. The doctor said that he was wheezing a little bit so he prescribed Albuteral (I don't know if I spelled that right or not). He told us to do a treatment every 6 hours and call him if it wasn't better in a week. By Sunday he was getting tired and sleeping and when we felt his head in the evening time he was warm. After getting a thermometer reading of 101.7 degrees we called his doctors in Palo Alto and they said to take him to an urgent care or emergency room. We decided to just take him down to the hospital he was at before and an x-ray showed a shadowy area in the right upper lung. They assumed it was pneumonia and began treating it. His fever kept getting higher and higher and he was sleeping while we were in the emergency room. They were thinking that we would just get some antibiotics and we would go home but his fever was going higher and he was seeming to get worse. His oxygen saturation also wasn't that great. So they admitted him.

We ended up staying in the hospital for about two days. He got better quickly and we were discharged and told that we needed to do a follow up appointment with our pediatrician. When we saw the pediatrician he said he sounded good but was thinking that since he had pneumonia again so quickly and that it was located in his upper right lung that he might be asperating - possibly from his stomach. So he recommended us to see a pulmonary specialist. It's no rush or anything but he would like to figure out if it's a problem or not before it might become a problem.

So otherwise he's doing good. We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends and it was very nice. Joaquin is loving being a big brother. Sage is growing and starting to smile. He's not so serious anymore. We're hoping that Joaquin will be able to have his ng tube out in about six months. On good days he's drinking a little over half was what his daily water requirement is (which is 1.3 liters).

We also wanted to share some pictures!

Modeling some pants that Mama made out of one of Dad's old shirts:

Doing a breathing treatment (he didn't like doing it - had to sit still too long.)

Grandpa's Birthday! (November 21st)

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