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Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Brother

We welcomed the newest addition to our family on August 30th, 2007 at 9:33 p.m. in our home. His name is Sage Francisco Canyon and he is healthy and happy.

So now Joaquin is a big brother! I always wondered how he would react to having someone new around to take some of the attention away from him, but he's been taking it all really well. He's very loving with the baby, always wanting to hold Sage or give him hugs and kisses. We have to remind him sometimes that he needs to be giving gentle kisses because he just gets so overly lovey. I am definetly feeling a little overwhelmed by having another little one that needs me, but I am so happy for Joaquin and Sage that they have each other. Being an only child, I always wished that I could have had a sibling (but I'm sure my parents are very happy with just the one child - I was a little colicky... and sassy). Sometimes I just can't believe that we have two boys now.

Joaquin is doing very well. He is stringing together words and thoughts to make sentences now. He very good at naming different animals and can sing his ABC's with a little help. Sometimes when he's misbehaving I'll start giving him the count down that means he needs to get to doing what I've asked of him and he'll start counting down with me. It's so hard not to laugh in those situations but I've come to realize as a parent that while consistency is key, you've got to pick and choose your battles.

Joaquin is an avid book reader. He's always bringing a book around for us to read to him. He's also a big fan of the bath tub after he realized how fun it was to play in water this summer. We would go over to our friends' house and play in their little kiddie pool and let the boys play in the water in their birthday suits. He loves it.

We are in the process trying to set up an appointment to go down and see the doctors in Palo Alto. They want to do a biopsy - it's been a year since the transplant and by now most patients would have had three. We just do not feel comfortable going through with it and we feel our reasons are valid. I really don't want to seem like we are being uncooperative, but we've also been very compliant as far as appointments, blood draws, etc. We want to protect Joaquin and do what is best for him.

I do want to go down and see the doctors if not for anything, but just to show him off. They haven't seen him since February and I feel he's made the leap from baby to boy. I also have lots of questions for them like: how do we potty learn a kid who drinks 2 liters of fluid in a day? He is peeing and pooping in the toilet, but he also pees a lot at night. How do we wean him off the tube? When the doctor called last time to try and talk us into the biopsy she was saying that we need to get him drinking more during the day and he is doing better with that. He's drinking anywhere from 200-500 mL a day, which is good! I think once we get him drinking the majority of his 2 liters during the day, he'll pee less at night. I figure it will all work itself out.

Good news for us and my parents! They are actually doing it and making the move sometime in the next two weeks! We are all excited. I was always sad that my parents weren't here to watch Joaquin grow up. Now it looks like they will be here afterall.

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