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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1 Year Anniversary!

Today marks Joaquin's 1 year post-transplant anniversary! The year has gone fast and Joaquin has changed so much. We do consider today to be Joaquin's 2nd birth day because it was a start of a new life. Thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers over the year - words cannot express how appreciative we are for it. Blessings.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Joaquin's Summer

So much has happened since I updated the blog last. My computer tends to heat up too fast so by the time I actually get around to typing something up it overheats. Excuses, excuses, I know.

Joaquin had a great summer! We started it out by celebrating his 2nd birthday at Idlewild Park with all of his friends on June 15th. He had a great time running around the park with Grandpa Johnsen chasing him (and Grandpa loved it too!) One of his favorite presents was a little car that he can get in and push around. It was similar to the one that he played in at the Ronald McDonald House - it's called a Cozy Coupe. Lately he'll get in it and say, "Bye Mom! Leaving." And when I ask him where he's going it's either Oregon, Lauren's Store, or Trader Joe's.

I've been working for a friend who recently opened a store in Sparks called Prism Magic Clothing and Imports. It's a nice part time job where I can bring Joaquin with - her name is Lauren and that's where he says he's going sometimes when he gets in his Cozy Coupe. He's a very well-behaved little guy when we are working. We have lots of toys for him to play with but he's a little social butterfly so he's usually talking with customers if he's not playing with his toys.

Joaquin's vocabulary is coming along nicely. He's putting together his words to make small two and three word sentences. One of his current favorite things to say is, "What are you doing?" He'll ask me that many, many, many times a day. He's also getting better at remembering things - like where he's put something. We can ask him and he'll go and find what we're asking for or show us. He also remembers watching monster trucks at his friend Aaron's house -so he'll ask to watch it whenever we go over there. Our midwife has a little motorcycle that he loves to play with when we go for prenatals and so whenever we talk about Diane, he'll talk about the motorcycle he plays with there. She says she's flattered by that.

Joaquin's Grandma and Grandpa Johnsen have been out to visit twice this summer and always enjoys their visits. They are planning on moving out here in the very near future - which will be so nice for everyone.

We also attended two festivals this summer. Our first one was at the beginning of July out in Quincy, California called High Sierra Music Festival. It was four days and nights of camping and music and Joaquin had so much fun. I've never seen him get so dirty but he loved every minute of it. He really enjoys camping (we've gone camping a handful of times too). He made lots of friends while he was there.

The second festival was up outside of Portland, Oregon. It was at this little fishing resort called "Horning's Hideout." It was also about 4 days and 5 nights of camping and music. There was lots for kids to be doing. I took it easy for most of the time so Joaquin and Chris and some friends hiked around the fairgrounds doing different things.

It's been a good summer but now we're slowing down and getting ready for our newest arrival to make his or her appearance. We are expecting his/her arrival sometime in the beginning to middle of September. Joaquin likes to talk to my belly and tell the baby he loves him/her. But I'm not sure how much he comprehends the idea of a baby. Sometimes I think that he thinks the baby is my belly.

Joaquin's kidney has been doing very well. He's creatinine and BUN are both holding steady and we've only had a few issues with Prograf but all in all there haven't been too many blood draws. We are coming up on his year anniversary of transplant on August 28th. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We always knew that he'd be doing good but we never knew how good he'd be doing. He's incredibly active and has a huge appetite for both food and life. He loves to meet people and read books and play with trucks and cars. We're pretty sure that we are not going to do the year biopsy because there really hasn't been any reason to think that his kidney isn't doing fabulous.

I will try and keep up with the blog. Thank you for checking in on us. We're doing great! Here are some pictures we wanted to share.

Grandma and Joaquin at Lake Tahoe

Joaquin playing around at Lauren's store.

Joaquin and Grandma at his birthday party!

Getting dirty and lovin it at Horning's Hideout.

Chris and Joaquin

Washing the Cozy Coupe.

patio furniture store
patio furniture store